About KC Hospital & Diagnostic Centre


At the very arena of globalization and technological innovation, hospital services have become competitive. Among the hospitals 'KC Hospital & Diagnostic Centre' is emerging in the market with a better position. This hospitals is organized by the retired army person. As a part of my internship program it was assigned me to work with KC Hospital & Diagnostic Centre. This report is prepared as a partial fulfillment for the MBA program of the Faculty of Business Administration under Chittagong University of Bangladesh. The report is prepared Information & Service procedures of KC Hospital & Diagnostic Centre. A study on K C Plaza, 2620 Nowapara, Dakkhinkhan, Uttara, Dhaka-1230 KC Hospital & Diagnostic Centre ,the main focus of this report is Information & Service procedures . This report contains seven main parts. First part is about KC Hospital & Diagnostic Centre. Second part is OPD Services. In the OPD Service parts I just show an overview of KC Hospital & Diagnostic Centre of their Outpatient Facilities and Medical Specialties. Third part is IPD Services. In this part all information is collected from the respective KC Hospital & Diagnostic Centre, here I also discuss about IPD Patient of KC Hospital & Diagnostic Centre which is the important part of his of this report. Part four contains Ancillary Services. In part five my internship position and major learning point has described. KC Hospital & Diagnostic Centre performance growth is prodigious as well as to increase their customer.

KC Hospital & Diagnostic Centre, a concern of NIPA Group is a 150-bed tertiary care hospital. KC Hospital is located in the Dakkhinkhan, Uttara of Dhaka and aims to serve people of Dakkhinkhan, Uttara and greater portion of the city. The hospital building is 11 stories and is approximately 110,000sqft . The outpatient department of this hospital can serve up to 400 patients daily, through 25 examination rooms. To ensure optimum healthcare-hospitality, the patients are closely monitored in their waiting times in outpatient clinics, emergency and admissions.


Car park (can accommodate 60 cars)


Emergency room (ER) with 5 beds for non critical cases, two procedure rooms; ER registration and ER pharmacy; linear accelerator for radiation therapy.

Fourth floor:

Office room, hospital store,food court.

Fifth floor :

OPD clinics with 25 consultation rooms, Physiotherapy center, Dental room.

Sixth floor :

Laboratory(Haematology,Biochemistry,Immunology,Histopathology,Microbiology,Clinical Pathology), Ultra sonogram, CT Scan, Endoscopy, Digital X-Ray, MRI, OPG, ETT, ECG.

Seventh floor :

Intensive care unit (ICU) with 10 beds of which two are isolation units;Coronary care unit (CCU) with 10 beds, NICU with 10 beds, Dialysis unit with 05 Bed.

Eighth floor:

Male Ward (30 Bed), Female Ward (30 Bed), Children Ward (20 Bed).

Ninth floor:

VIP Cabin-double cabin 15 & single cabin 15.

Tenth floor:

Open space & nurse hostel


Our vision is that KC Hospital will become the BEST HOSPITAL for Bangladesh and people of Dakkinkhan,Uttara for quality healthcare and an integrated centre for clinical services.


The mission of KC hospital & Diagnostic Centre is deliver quality health care within 5 CORE standards:

  • Adhering to high ethical and moral standards at all times
  • Making service quality as top priority in all we do
  • Training staff to work within a quality care environment
  • Delivering customer satisfaction through quality service
  • Providing quality health care service in all processes